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  • Dolls Talks with Dolly Treasures

    Eileen Lam is a photographic author of The Little Mischiefs books from the UK. Once you have seen just a few photos of Eileen's dolls, you are guaranteed to recognise her style from hundreds of other doll photographers. There is something very special about the Little Mischiefs dolls. They almost look like real children. What is more, those mischievous dolls speak very cute rhymes.. I could not have thought of a better Easter treat to my subscribers as Dolls Talks interview with Eileen! Hello Eileen, would you please introduce yourself:-)? Hello, my name is Eileen Lam and I am the creator of the Dolly Treasures and The Little Mischiefs. Can you describe how you feel about your doll hobby in 5 words? Creativity, happiness, freedom, nostalgia, expression. Tell me how you manage to be a mum of over thirty dolls? Are they quite demanding? Having so many dolls is quite a responsibility! They all have different personalities so all require different attention. Some are shy and don’t like too much attention and others are very demanding! Your dolls are always up for a mischief. You even called your books “The little Mischielfs”. Were you mischievous causing lots of trouble as a child? As a child my mother and grandmother filled my head with fanciful stories that fed my imagination and I was always up to some sort of mischief with my brothers. All innocent good old fashioned child’s play really, out and about climbing trees and running around causing havoc! If you could go back in time to when you were small what doll would you take with you and why? Hmmmm…..I think it would have to be Clairel as she represents everything that Dolly Treasures and the Little Mischiefs are. Your books are breathtaking, the pictures are perfect, and I can only imagine how long it takes to set up the scene. What is the process from the idea in your mind to the final picture you are happy with? The inspiration for my photos comes from life’s experience’s, memories of my own childhood, things I see around me, and props and treasures that I find. My mind is always working away subconsciously gathering ideas. How did it all start? What/who inspired you to publish your doll books? I’ve always collected dolls, but Dolly Treasures began when my daughter Bernadette went off to university and opens an Instagram account for me as a way of contact. Do you have other dolls apart from Blythe in your collection? I have many other dolls in my collection, although I have passed on quite a few as my Blythe family and all the pets and teddies has grown. You will sometimes catch glimpses of them in my photos and reels. How do you store your dolls? Are they on display? What are your recommendations on keeping dolls intact? All my Blythe dolls are out on display…. actually I’ve now put some in drawer’s as there are too many, but they are all close at hand ready for when I need them. I’m not very precious with them as I need to feel totally tactile with them in order to be creative. When it comes to doll photography do you prefer indoor or outdoor? I don’t really have a preference between inside or location shoots. It all depends on the mood and story, both have different dynamics and it’s refreshing to mix it up. Inside I can take my time with creating a scene and out and about I have to work much faster and have very little control! What advice would you give to someone who’s just started to collect dolls and wants to try doll photography? Collecting dolls is a very personal thing and first and foremost should give you a lot of joy and pleasure. Photographing them is great fun as it gives you another form if enjoying them and sharing with others. Never worry that your photos are not good enough…..the more you take the better you will get. It’s what you like that counts. Don’t judge yourself by the number of likes you get or followers you have, it’s not a competition. Among the dolls that you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Yes, I’m guilty of buying dolls that I later regret…. but I’ve done the same with a pair of shoes! Who is the designer of your doll fashions and how would you describe their style? I use many designers to dress my dolls. My girls are always a little dishevelled as they are mischievous children so I like the look of old and vintage best. What’s next on your dolls wishlist? I am expecting a beautiful new doll from JacooSun which I am very excited about. If you could get absolutely any doll you want, what would that be? I consider myself very fortunate and no longer hanker after any particular doll. Oh actually yes…..I remember now! There was a darling little doll by Catmo doll that I missed out on that I really loved! It would have been nice to have her! What doll from your collection would you rate as a perfect 10? It seems unfair to rate a doll as a perfect 10 because that would reduce the others….I just don’t have the heart to do that! Do you think dolls are a good investment? Or is it rather an excuse? Oh my!!!! Dolls are definitely not a good investment! Buy them because you love them and just have to have them….there is no other reason! How do you think the doll community world will change in 10 years from now? I really don’t know how the doll world will change in the next ten years, but I’m sure dolls and doll lovers will always be around. With each generation there is a change in fashion, often adults wanting to recapture the dolls of their childhood so who knows? What advice would you give to someone who has just re-discovered their childhood hobby, started to collect dolls as an adult and have odd looks from their family and friends? As I say so many times, never worry about being judged by others for your doll hobby. People always have something to say about everything and if we feared of others’ opinions we would never get out of bed in the morning! Unbox or not unbox? (& Why?) I can only speak for myself but I always unbox my dolls as I collect them to play with! Great chatting to you, Eileen! Thank you! Any links, social media profiles you would like to share with readers, so they can find out more about you? DollyTreasures Facebook and Instagram is the best place to find me. All photographs are property of Eileen Lam and have been published with her kind permission.

  • Dolls Talks with Grandma Gets Real

    The Grandma of the doll community does really exist. She is real! Have you ever met her? She is beautiful, caring, always there to give some wise advice... I can spend hours watching her on Instagram hunting down Barbie bargains at garage sales, organising her miniature room, and setting her dioramas up. So it was with great pleasure that I caught up with Tonya for Dolls Talks chat. - Hello! My name is Tonya Ruiz. I have an Instagram account that is a miniature plastic parallel universe of my real life. - Can you describe how you feel about your doll hobby in 5 words? My happy corner of the world. -Tell me how you manage to be a full-time grandma to your own grandchildren as well as the whole doll community? I get up early, so I have plenty of time to do both. - As someone who had a model career, what is the message to the little girls you would like to put out there to help them with accepting their body image, etc.? I think we need to raise our children embracing their uniqueness instead of looking to an unattainable airbrushed or filtered standard of beauty. - Your life is a perfect example of how God can save! What advice would you give to someone who is yet to meet Him? I don't really give advice, but I love to share my story. - If you could go back in time to when you were small what doll would you take with you and why? I guess I'd have to take Grandma Barbie - back then there were no "senior" Barbie dolls. - What/who inspired you to start your doll collection? When we started our dollstagram account - we began collecting dolls that resembled our family. Then I kept adding to it... - How big is your collection? Are there only dolls or have you ever collected other toys? I have over 300 dolls. I also collect a few other toys - like Vintage Fisher Price Toys - that I use in my photos. - What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started collecting dolls? Probably pick a niche. - How do you store your dolls? Are they on display? What are your recommendations on keeping dolls intact? Some of them are on display in my attic room. I haven't been collecting long enough to know much about keeping them intact. - When it comes to doll photography do you prefer indoor or outdoor? It's easier for me to take them inside by a window because I prefer soft natural light. BUT... some of my favorite photos were taken outside. - What advice would you give to someone who’s just re-discovered their childhood hobby and started collecting dolls? I would say choose the dolls that speak to you. Don't buy it because the dolls are new and everyone else is getting it. Dare to be different and have a unique collection. - What’s next on your dolls wishlist? I would love to complete my Happy Family Collection. They are so expensive online. I'm hoping to run across them at a garage sale. - If you could get absolutely any doll you want, what would that be? I would like to recreate my childhood collection - so a 1968 TNT - Do you think dolls are a good investment? Or is it rather an excuse? I don't know. I have never purchased dolls as an investment. I buy them to photograph. - Do you think the doll community world will change in 10 years from now? And if yes, how? Things always change. I would imagine that it will continue growing. I'm sure that video and photo technology will continue to advance and allow us to do amazing things. - What advice would you give to adult doll collectors who have odd looks from their family and friends? Just keep being yourself. - Unbox or not unbox? (& Why?) I unbox everything - but I consider myself a Barbie photographer not a Barbie Collector. -Fabulous chatting to you Tonya! I love it! Follow Tonya on Instagram or visit her website All photographs are property of Tonya Ruiz and have been published with her kind permission.

  • Dolls Talks with Papusile Mele

    This interview is by far the longest in the making. It took three months for us to decide on the cover photo! But it was worth the effort: the head photo is beautiful, and the interview is a great fun to read. My blog would be incomplete without an interview with this bubbly lovely lady, who knows everything about dolls and is always braving the mainstream by raising questions and concerns no one else does! - Hello and welcome to Dolls Talks! Can you please introduce yourself :)? My name is Ada although a lot of people do call me Papusilemele. :)) I have just turned 40 and I am a passionate doll collector and graphic designer. - So, you are known as Papusile Mele! What does that name mean? What is the story behind it? It literally means My Dolls. Papusi = Dolls, Mele = Mine. I wanted to name my blog Barbie Romania, but someone told me I would be in trouble with Mattel if I used the Barbie name, so I decided to name it Papusile Mele. - When did you start collecting dolls and was there anything or anyone who inspired you to start your collection? As an adult I started collecting late 2008, early 2009. It was a difficult time for me back then. Some personal stuff, my grandmother that helped raise me passed away, so I just felt like I needed to escape in a fantasy world to relax. While I was walking down the aisle of a supermarket in my hometown, I spotted a ballerina Barbie doll and fell in love. From that point on I began buying more and more dolls. - How big is your collection, Ada? Not sure to be honest. I used to have much more dolls a year ago, but I decided it was time to let go of some to make room (and raise money) for more expensive dolls. Quality over quantity. - Do you collect any other toys apart from dolls? No! :)) Don't tempt me. I would love to collect MLP G1 and other 80s toys, but I try to stay away from the temptation. - How do you look after your collection? Is it on display? I have it stored away in two places. In one I have constructed a special storage with a lock and a key and that is where some of my NRFB dolls are. I also have a storage closet that is overflowing with stuff because that is where I keep all my dioramas. - You have a blog with loads of useful information on dolls, new releases, fashion, etc. and you always seem to be on top of what is happening in the dolls' world. How do you manage that? At first, I used to sit at the computer for hours and hours and search for info. Now I have people that help me find stuff and also send me pictures. - I know from my customers that during the lockdown many people have re-discovered their childhood hobbies and started to collect dolls. What advice would you give to someone who’s new to collecting dolls? Any tips, warnings, …? Don't try to collect everything at once. Slow down. Some dolls take years to track down and that is part of the fun. Also try and join all official clubs as you get a lot of perks as a member. - Do you think fashion dolls are a good investment? Yes, they can be, but it's a very volatile market. You have to be careful and sell or buy at the right time. - A question that is so current at the moment in the doll community circles: as the new dolls are getting released to the Wclub members and are limited in numbers, a few people are taking advantage of that and are re-selling dolls at the price which clearly is much higher than they are worth. Do you want to share your thoughts on that? Selling for a little profit is ok. We all do it at one point, but I think there is a limit to what I can call a decent profit. Selling a new product for 4, 5 even 6 times the original price is just not ok. Be kind to your fellow collectors. Ok, have a small profit, but don't be a jerk about it. - Have you made any friends through your doll hobby? Oh, yes!! Lots. Both abroad and in my country. With some of them I talk on a regular basis. I also have a group of friends with whom I get together at conventions, drink Aperol Spritz and have lots of fun. - Who do you consider a sound voice in the doll community? My Froggy Stuff, Beauty Inside A Box, Jeffrey Steinman, Grandma Gets Real, Mauricio Jordan and others. - Do you have your mini-me doll? Not yet but stay tuned because she is coming! - What's next on your doll wish list? Oh, boy. :)) I have lots of dolls on my wish list. My immediate one is Poppy Parker Garden of Versailles, Mademoiselle Eden and Lilith, Poppy Parker Pink Powder Puff, Haute Desire Dania Zarr, Mothership Dania Zarr, Sucha Gem Dania Zarr and the Lycans Brides of Dracula series dolls from Mizi. - Unbox or not unbox? (& why?) Both. I used to be a NRFB collector, but I developed an appetite for unboxing, touching and enjoying my dolls. But everyone has the right to collect as they wish. I don't judge anyone. -Thank you so much Ada for chatting and sharing your thoughts! Follow Papusilemele on Instagram and Facebook You can read Ada’s blog at She promised to get back on TikTok and YouTube this fall! All photographs are property of Ada Bogoevici and have been published with her kind permission.

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  • Diseño de Moda de Muñeca | gtGdollwear | Londres | Gran Bretaña

    Hello scroll ...and welcome to gtGdollwear - a home of British-made best-reviewed luxury doll fashion Sobre nosotros COMO SE DESTACA EN "AMAMOS CADA PIEZA ÚNICA QUE HICIERON" Look Book Explore El contenido de este sitio está protegido por derechos de autor y es propiedad de gtGdollwear

  • About | gtGdollwear

    About gtGdollwear "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for men." Colossians 3:23 Welcome to the world of gtGdollwear - an exclusive online retail destination where high end British-made doll fashion speaks louder than words. All our outfits are created in our studio in London with passion, care, and attention to detail. We refuse to play by the rules of this world where a premium is placed on speed, and the craftsmanship is sacrificed at the altar of expediency. Our selection of exclusive doll outfits includes stunning pieces of real craftsmanship with carefully coordinated colours and fabrics for every occasion. We go far and beyond to create our breath-taking, luxurious fashion ensembles, and we will make sure that your expectations are not just met but exceeded. Thanks to our innovative and service-oriented approach, gtGdollwear has been highly successful since day one. Browse our site to experience gtGdollwear in our marvellously well-made fashion styles with luxury in every stitch for your dolls. Happy shopping! Shop Now Marie, USA "Wow! An absolutely stunning collection of some of the best petite fashions for my new dolls. They are all just so lovely and delicate. I love that they are sold in a set like this. I makes it so easy to bring an entire outfit together." Leticia, Germany "The quality of this set has left me absolutely speechless. Every piece has been crafted so carefully, the fit is perfect. Consider me a new fan of the shop!" Clare, UK "Well worth the investment as the quality is top notch and Dasha who runs it is so lovely and helpful.... I bought a lot of doll clothes since I started and these are the best. So I see it as an investment." Natalie, Australia "If you're looking for luxurious high end fashion for your special dolls look no further than gtGdollwear!" Lea los comentarios de nuestros clientes ou r brand Fashion award 2020 LFW Winner as Best Creative Fashion Designer in RTW Doll Fashion Nomination Public speaking Guest speaker at the 25th Anniversary Legendary Integrity Toys 2020 Convention delivering the workshop on the British simplicity in casual ready-to-wear doll fashion Official designer The Official Pageant Designer for Miss Poppy larity 2022 Event

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